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19.01  A record will be the fastest time made by a horse in a heat or dash which it won, or in a performance against time.

19.02  The time of each heat or dash shall be accurately taken by two timers or an approved electric timing device, in which case there shall be one timer, and placed in the record in minutes, seconds and fifths of seconds, and upon the decision of each heat the time thereof shall be publicly announced or admitted to the record. When the timers fail to act, no time shall be announced or recorded.

19.03  In any case of alleged error in the record, announcement or publication of the time made by a horse, the time so questioned shall not be changed to favour said horse or owner, except upon the sworn statement of the Judges and timers who officiated in the race.

19.04  In order that performances thereon may be recognized or published as official, every Association shall have filed with the Commission the certificate of a duly licensed civil engineer or land surveyor that the track has been measured from wire to wire three feet out from the pylons, which constitute the inside limits of the course and certifying exactly the result of such measurement. Each track shall be measured and re-certified in the event of any changes or relocation of the pylons, which constitute the inside limits of the course.

19.05  The leading horse shall be timed and its time only shall be announced. The horse shall not obtain a win-race time record by reason of the disqualification of another horse unless a horse is declared the winner by reason of the disqualification of a breaking horse on which it was lapped, or, unless the time of the horse that is being placed first, as the result of a disqualification due to ineligibility or a positive test, can be determined by electronic timing from the official chart.

19.06  If a horse takes a win-race record in a qualifying race or schooling race, such record must be prefaced with the letter Q wherever it appears, except in a case where the horse was subjected to the collection of an official sample. The senior Judge shall note on the Judges’ official race reports each qualifying race from which official samples were collected.

19.07  In the case of a dead heat, the time shall constitute a record for the horses making the dead heat and both shall be considered winners.

19.08  The time shall be taken from the first horse leaving the point from which the distance of the race is measured until the winner reaches the wire.

19.09  Any person found to have fraudulently misrepresented time or altered the record thereof, in any race, shall be suspended or expelled, and time declared not a record.

19.10  Deleted.

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