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33.01  An Association shall appoint a patrol judge. In all cases the patrol judge will be strategically located by the Judges. The starter may, with the permission of the Judges, be designated as a patrol judge. Further the starter may, when acting as a patrol judge, follow the field in the starting gate, weather and track conditions permitting.

33.02  The patrol judges shall:

  1. Be subject to the supervision of the Judges;
  2. Be observant of and report to the Judges on all activity on the racetrack in their areas at all times during the race program. Particular attention to be applied to the rules of decorum, lameness and fitness of any horse, and any lack of or broken racing equipment; and
  3. Be in constant communication with the Judges during the course of every race and immediately advise of every rule violation, improper act or unusual occurrence which happens within their station that could affect the result of the race.

33.03  Deleted.

33.04  Deleted.

33.05  Deleted.

33.06  Deleted.

33.07  Deleted.

33.08  Deleted.

33.09  On all tracks a proper camera shall be installed as an aid to the Placing Judge, however, in all cases, the camera is merely an aid and the decision of the Judges shall be final.

33.10  Photo finish photographs shall not be released to anyone for publication without permission of the Judges, except to the Association for its public display at the racetrack at which racing is being conducted.

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