AGCO compliance officials may visit the retail store location to confirm compliance with the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 and regulations. You must allow the inspection, and you must not interfere with the compliance official, refuse to answer questions related to the inspection, or provide false information.  

 When doing an inspection, an AGCO compliance official may: 

  • ask you for and look at certain records that are relevant to the inspection
  • take certain records away from the store to review, examine, test or copy. In this case, the compliance official will give you a receipt confirming which records have been taken. 
    • After the compliance official has taken the records, you can request that the records be made available to you. 
    • The records will be returned to you in a reasonable time, unless the records cannot be returned because of the testing done. 
  • take photographs or other recordings
  • ask about financial transactions, records or other matters relevant to the inspection. 

If an compliance official asks you for a record, you must provide it.  You must also must help the official understand the record or provide it in a readable form.

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