There must be separation between your cannabis business and other businesses. If an existing retail space is renovated to create two or more spaces, the space that is intended to be a cannabis retail store must adhere to the listed criteria below and all the eligibility requirements set out in the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 and regulation. 

The retail space where you will sell cannabis: 

  • must be enclosed by walls separating it from any other commercial establishment or activity
  • does not include an outdoor area
  • cannot be entered from or passed through in order to access any other commercial establishment or activity, other than a common area of an enclosed shopping mall.

In addition, the area where cannabis will be received or stored cannot be accessible by any other business or by the public. This does not mean that an establishment is required to have a separate door for product receipt. For example, if a premises has only one door, product could be received through this door outside of business hours, or access to the door could be restricted by security personnel at the time of product delivery.

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