A tailgate event is generally considered to be an outdoor social gathering, where attendees can bring their own food, beverages (including alcohol), and often their vehicles, to an area for the purposes of community and support for a sporting event.

To be eligible for a Tailgate Event Permit in Ontario, the tailgate event must be:

  • an outdoor event that is held in connection with, and in proximity to, one of the following types of sporting events:
    • Professional
    • Semi-professional
    • Post-secondary
  • held at an outdoor space, at ground level (e.g. parking lot).
  • be within proximity to where the live sporting event is taking place to which the tailgate event is connected.

In addition, attendees 19 years and older must be allowed to bring their own alcohol for consumption.

For more information on the eligibility requirements for a Tailgate Event Permit, please refer to Section 5.  

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