Horses that have been nerved must be declared as per the AGCO Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 15.02.4. Horses that have been nerve-blocked, desensitizing the volar or plantar nerves through any combination of alcohol, drug, or procedure shall be placed on this list.

Horse Name Horse Breed Date On Type
Asserting Bear Thoroughbred 2015-03-15 Nerve
Bow Bell Reef Thoroughbred 2012-05-29 Nerve
Cluster of Gems Thoroughbred 2005-06-25 Cryo
Deafening Silence Thoroughbred 2011-01-14 Nerve
Double Colico Thoroughbred 2009-05-01 Nerve
Downpatrick Thoroughbred 2006-07-21 Nerve
Dundurn Thoroughbred 2005-12-01 Nerve
Expected Command Thoroughbred 2004-10-26 Cryo
Flashy Tattoo Thoroughbred 2009-06-08 Nerve
Fleet Avie Thoroughbred 2004-09-21 Nerve
Get Down Wolfie Thoroughbred 2004-11-14 Nerve
Granada Dancer Thoroughbred 2002-05-15 Nerve
Grand Cuvee Thoroughbred 2013-08-20 Nerve
Hearing Whispers Thoroughbred 2014-10-27 Nerve
Imperial Alydeed Thoroughbred 2007-01-23 Nerve
Infinity Obo Thoroughbred 2011-12-13 Nerve
Kid Red Thoroughbred 2005-06-29 Nerve
Kilmoganny Thoroughbred 2009-06-11 Nerve
Krz Executive Thoroughbred 2012-05-11 Nerve
Let Him Rip Thoroughbred 2003-08-01 Nerve



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