(7) Personal Bingo Verifiers

7.1 A personal bingo verifier must not be used unless it has been approved by the Registrar.

7.2 An Operator of a bingo hall must not permit the installation or use of an approved per­sonal bingo verifier except in accordance with the approval and any directives prescribed by the Registrar.

7.3 In determining whether to approve a personal bingo verifier, the Registrar must have regard to the equipment’s suitability for use in relation to design and integrity.

7.4 The Registrar may approve, without testing, personal bingo verifiers that have been approved in another jurisdiction where gaming is legal.

7.5 An Operator must not modify a personal bingo verifier unless the Registrar has given prior written approval.

7.6 An Operator seeking approval of a personal bingo verifier or any modification to a per­sonal bingo verifier must pay any costs incurred in having it examined.