Report on Destroyed Cannabis Products

Destructions” sub-report tab

Please include all Cannabis product that has been destroyed in this reporting period (excluding accessories but including any display quantities destroyed and any product designated to be destroyed). This should align with the destroyed quantities on the “Federal” sub-report tab. If product designated to be destroyed are waiting on OCS's confirmations, those should be included, but with the clarification of “TBD” in the Destruction Date and Time columns.

As required under Section 3.1 of the Registrar’s Standards, licensees must destroy or render unusable cannabis products that are ineligible to be sold and ineligible for return to the OCS.

As required under Section 3.3 of the Registrar’s Standards, licensees must destroy monthly (at a minimum) cannabis products that are ineligible for sale.

As required under Section 8.1.2.d of the Registrar’s Standards, licensees must maintain and retain records for a minimum of three (3) years of all cannabis products destroyed.

This “Destructions” sub-report tab should be submitted as part of a completed Integrated Cannabis Retail Report, and not as a separate submission by itself. Completion of this sub-report is not required if no destruction of cannabis products occurred during the reporting period.

Data Definitions

The following table details the required data elements associated with cannabis product(s) or stock received by an authorized store in the “Destructions” sub-report tab in addition to definitions and formulas:

Data Element



Identify the OCS-defined type of cannabis product category being reported as follows:

     • Beverages

     • Capsules

     • Concentrates

     • Dried Flower

     • Edibles

     • Oils

     • Pre-rolls

     • Seeds

     • Topicals

     • Vapes


This is the unique product identifier (“stock keeping unit”) assigned to cannabis products sold by OCS to licensees. The perpetual inventory systems of the licensees must reference and use the specific SKU provided by the OCS as the primary cannabis product identifier.


This is the unique “universal product code” assigned to cannabis products purchased from the OCS. The authorized store’s system must reference the product barcode provided by the OCS in their perpetual inventory system. UPC codes for each item will be provided to licensees prior to the launch of Authorized Stores. A UPC consists of numeric digits that forms the barcode used for scanning an item at the point-of-sale.

Unit of Measure

This is the standard of unit or systems of unit by means of which the quantity of inventory for each SKU is expressed or accounted for. The same unit of measure (UOM) should be applied to the report as is provided in OCS’s shipment data.

OCS Incident #

This is the reference number that is used by OCS and has no relevance to AGCO. It is an optional field. This column was included to allow retailers to use the Destructions tab as a basis for the retailer’s reporting obligations to OCS.

Total Qty Destroyed (incl. Sensory Display Qty)

Indicate the total quantity of a SKU destroyed in each reporting period. If there are quantities that are designated to be destroyed, please enter those as a separate row on the report, to properly differentiate between them timewise.

Sensory Display Qty

Indicate the quantity of a SKU that was used for display purposes and has now been destroyed (or designated to be destroyed, depending on the row) in each reporting period. It is important to note that sensory display quantities are sold product and should have been purchased outright by the operator of the store. Clarifying what quantities where sensory displays allows for easier reconciliation.

Date Destroyed (YYYY/MM/DD)

Indicate the exact date (YYYY/MM/DD) when the cannabis product is destroyed. If the product has been designated to be destroyed but has not been destroyed yet by month-end, please indicate the date as “TBD”. No other text is acceptable in this field.

Time Destruction is Completed (24-Hour Format 00:00-23:59)

Using the 24-hour format (00:00 – 23:59), indicate the exact time when the destruction of cannabis product was completed. If the product has been designated to be destroyed, but has not been destroyed yet, please indicate the time as “TBD”. No other text is acceptable in this field.

Appeared in Prior Period as “TBD”?

If this product had been designated to be destroyed in the previous period as “TBD” but did not have its destruction completed until this period, indicate this field as “Yes”. This would include any product that was awaiting confirmation details from OCS before proceeding with destruction and was therefore separated from regular inventory during this timeframe. If this product is destroyed with other units of the same SKU that have been designated for destruction on a different timetable, please enter each set of destroyed product as a separate row.

If “No” is indicated, this means that the product was both designated for destruction and destroyed in the same reporting period.

Method of Destruction

Describe the method used to destroy cannabis products that are deemed ineligible to be sold or ineligible for return to the OCS. As required under Section 3.1 of the Registrar’s Standards, licensees shall use a method of destruction that:


• complies with all applicable federal, provincial, and municipal laws and regulations, including environmental protection legislation applicable to the location where it is being destroyed; and

• does not result in any individual being exposed to cannabis smoke or cannabis vapour.


The AGCO does not dictate a method of destruction.

Done By

If carried out by the licensee, indicate the name and position/title of the authorized personnel who oversaw the destruction of the cannabis products that were deemed ineligible to be sold or ineligible for return to the OCS. The authorized personnel could either be the Licensed Manager or Licensed Retail Operator in accordance with Section 3.2 of the Registrar’s Standards.

If the destruction of the cannabis product is carried out by a contracted third-party service provider, indicate the name of the company and the name and title of its authorized representative. Attach a copy of the certificate of destruction when submitting this report to the AGCO (this does not need to accompany the monthly Integrated Cannabis Retail Report).

Reason for Destruction

Explain or describe the reason why the cannabis products were deemed ineligible to be sold or ineligible for return to the OCS and therefore destroyed.

Discrepancy Review (last column of the table)

This column is not editable by the user. It will display any discrepancies in the data that has been provided. These may be derived from comparisons of data between different populated tabs in the report. If no issues are present, the column will be blank, and the header row will say "No Discrepancy Rows to Review". If issues are present, the header will indicate the number of discrepancies present in the column below and will appear in red highlighting. To review them, use the drop-down menu available in the same header cell to filter the table to the rows with issues. A detailed list of these issues across all tabs is available in the tab called “Discrepancy Details”.