Incident-Based Retail Reporting


As part of the AGCO’s overall process to ensure compliance with the Registrar’s Standards, laws and regulations, all licensees are required to comply with the minimum notification obligations to the Registrar as outlined in the AGCO’s “Regulatory Reporting Requirements – Cannabis” (Notification Matrix). They include (but are not limited to) reporting incidences of lost or stolen product, changes to store layout, and failure of surveillance systems. Standard 1.6 requires operators to comply with these notification requirements, including meeting the required timeframes for submission.

Standard 8.1 requirement 10 took effect June 30th, 2022, and requires operators of authorized cannabis retail stores to track agreements and acceptance of items, benefits or service (in accordance with Standard 6.5) using the AGCO Cannabis Regulatory Reporting Template for Registrar’s Standard 8.1.10. These records must be made available to the AGCO upon request (as with any other records under Standard 8.1).