Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for licensing, registration and overall compliance for the liquor, gaming, horse racing, and cannabis sectors regulated by the AGCO under the Liquor Licence Act (LLA), the Gaming Control ActHorse Racing Licence Act (HRLA) and the Cannabis Licence Act.

The Division includes Compliance Services, which consists of the Audit and Financial Investigations Branch and the Regulatory Compliance Branch . These branches conduct regulatory compliance activities including education, planning and inspections along with audits and financial investigations across all lines of business. Equipping front-line staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver services to all sectors, Compliance Services is made up of regional, cross-functional Regulatory Compliance Teams who take a comprehensive, risk-based, outcomes-focused approach to regulatory compliance as well as centralized support for compliance programs and administration. Inspectors respond to compliance concerns when and where they occur, taking a multi-sector approach and maintaining a focus on supporting desired regulatory outcomes.

The Regulatory Compliance Branch also provides Racing Officials (Judges and Stewards) who supervise races conducted at Ontario’s licensed racetracks, as well as Veterinary Services which oversees the health and welfare of horses during racing. Veterinary Services work with the Official Veterinarians who work for the racetracks but are supervised by the AGCO.

The Division’s Technical and Laboratory Services staff assess and approve electronic games, systems and equipment against Ontario Technical Standards and assess supplier and OLG quality assurance and testing procedures.

The Regulatory Assurance Branch leads the development and implementation of tools, strategies and frameworks that drive the AGCO’s compliance-focused approach.

Strategy and Policy Division

The Strategy and Policy Division coordinates and supports a variety of strategic functions and informs regulatory direction through evidence-based policy making. Through the use of leading practices, it helps to ensure that major projects stay on track and outcomes are aligned to strategic goals. The Division implements a change management framework for the agency and supports the AGCO’s strategic goal of being a rewarding workplace. This Division also provides leadership for the execution of a dedicated, strategic approach to stakeholder engagement and for developing the AGCO’s Strategic and Corporate Plans.

Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services Division provides strategic advice and guidance and is responsible for providing key support services such as Human Resources, including Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining, Information Technology, Finance and Administration, Information Security, Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management.

Communications and Corporate Affairs Division

The Communications and Corporate Affairs Division provides strategic communications advice and services, manages media relations and the AGCO’s public reputation, and oversees the development of internal and external communication materials and publications. It builds understanding and acceptance of organizational objectives and policy priorities through regular communication with staff and stakeholders. It also serves as the primary liaison with government to support government initiatives and to manage issues.

The Division also includes a newly formed Service Strategy and Experience Branch, which has initially been tasked with building off of, and seeing through, the objectives of Service Experience 2020. The Branch is focused on enhancing the AGCO’s service to its customers, across all lines of business and at every agency touchpoint.

The Corporate Secretariat responsible for Board support resides within this Division and assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its policy and governance responsibilities. This includes ensuring that key corporate accountability measures are completed within government timelines and monitoring compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between government and the AGCO. Staff also provide administrative support to the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP).

Investigation and Enforcement Bureau

The OPP Investigation and Enforcement Bureau assigned to the AGCO is comprised of approximately 160 OPP Officers, fully integrated within the AGCO. OPP Inspectors and the AGCO Director of Intelligence and Investigative Support report directly to the Chief Superintendent. The Bureau’s branches conduct investigations across all lines of business regulated by the AGCO. It also provides investigative expertise and information sharing to other law enforcement services, regulatory and industry stakeholder agencies, and to ensure integrity and public safety within these regulated industries.

Legal Services Division

The Legal Services Division provides a broad range of legal services. It reviews Notices of Proposal, represents the Registrar and Deputy Registrar at hearings, provides advice and opinions to AGCO staff on corporate issues (e.g. privacy, freedom of information), drafts legislation and contracts, and assists in policy development. Counsel represent the Registrar at hearings before the Licence Appeal Tribunal and the Horse Racing Appeal Panel and prepare appeals to the Divisional Court and to the Court of Appeal.


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