Service Strategy and Experience

In March 2019, the AGCO created a new Service Strategy and Experience Branch to initially build upon and complete through the objectives of Service Experience 2020, an agency-wide initiative to define and deliver an optimal service and regulatory experience to its customers. Service Experience 2020 plans to elevate the agency’s service to customers, across all lines of business, by enhancing the way the AGCO supports its customers at every point of interaction based on Guiding Principles to establish customer-centred services with clear service standards, offer multiple channels of contact, to be “digital by default,” and include self-help options.

iAGCO and Service Improvements

To create a more streamlined and digital experience for AGCO applicants and registrants, the agency continued its phased approach to iAGCO online services:

  • Phase 1 was launched on May 29, 2017 for SOP applications and Liquor manufacturers’ licensing
  • Phase 2: January 29, 2018 for all Liquor licences. Online submission of complaints and inquiries was also introduced in this phase
  • Phase 3: November 19, 2018 for lottery and gaming registrants and January 14, 2019 for cannabis applicants.

As of January 2019, the online submission rate for liquor applicants was 93%. In addition, 79% of gaming application were processed online. Low risk applicants now have quicker application turnaround timelines resulting from auto-issuance and auto-renewals of licences.

In 2018-2019, 95% of Special Occasion Permits, and 41% of liquor licence renewals were issued automatically. The current auto renewal rate for gaming registrations is 60%.

iAGCO improves customer service by allowing those who do business with the AGCO to apply for and manage their licences, registrations and permits online, anytime from anywhere by accessing the iAGCO online portal. 93% of AGCO customers report satisfaction with their experience using the iAGCO portal.

The submission of regulatory notifications, liquor licence objections, cannabis public submissions, general inquiries and complaints are now conducted online through iAGCO

TABLE 7 – iAGCO & Service Improvements


iAGCO submissions

Regulatory Notifications


Liquor objections






Cannabis submissions

(from the public and municipalities)




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