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In March 2012, the OLG initiated a plan to modernize lottery and gaming in Ontario, which included three key priorities:

  • becoming more customer-focused;
  • securing qualified service providers for the day-to-day operation of lottery and gaming; and
  • renewing OLG’s role in the conduct, management and oversight of lottery and gaming.

The AGCO also embarked on a path to modernize its approach to regulation, which complemented the OLG’s plan. The AGCO has been taking a modern and progressive approach to regulation, based on risk, the achievement of outcomes, and providing a degree of business flexibility and efficiencies for the lottery and gaming industries. These efforts support and align with key government objectives for enhanced efficiency in the delivery of public services and reducing regulatory burden and increasing consumer choice. In addition, the AGCO’s outcomes-based approach to regulation has resulted in significant cost avoidance annually for the AGCO, as well as cost savings, cost avoidance, or additional revenue for Casino Operators.

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