Key commitments

  • Champion an inclusive workplace by implementing recommendations from the AGCO’s DI&A strategy to further develop employees’ wellbeing and best serve the people of Ontario.
  • Develop our talent to empower employees and nurture our internal talent succession pool.

Performance measures

Table 36—Employee experience

The level of engagement and enablement is directly correlated with higher productivity, increased motivation and job satisfaction.

  • Outcome metric: The percentage of AGCO staff who would recommend AGCO as a place to work meets or exceeds target of 75%.
  • Outcome metric: The percentage of AGCO staff who believe they have opportunities to have their ideas adopted and put into use meets or exceeds target of 70%.




The % of AGCO staff who would recommend AGCO as a place to work



The % of AGCO staff who believe they have opportunities to have their ideas adopted and put into use





Note: The measures above reflect one point in time and are sourced from a survey conducted in September 2021.


The AGCO continues to invest in the strength of our people and understands the importance of developing and fostering this organizational priority. A people-first mindset and an ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility are central to achieving progress on this strategic goal.

Diversity, inclusion and accessibility

The AGCO is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of its diverse workforce and increasing equity for all, including racialized communities in Canada, Indigenous peoples, members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and women. The AGCO strives to create a progressive, flexible culture of accountability and trust to empower and foster the growth of our employees.

The AGCO remains committed to delivering inclusive, accessible and responsive services to the public and our stakeholders, which align with our organizational values of integrity, respect, accountability and serving the public interest.

Over the past year, the AGCO worked closely with an objective third-party consultant to help craft a DI&A implementation plan for the AGCO’s workforce and position it as a DI&A leader.

In 2021–2022 the consultant:

  • assessed the AGCO’s current state as a benchmark as it relates to diversity and inclusion;
  • conducted stakeholder analysis that identifies key stakeholders and obtains their feedback on both current state and the desired future aspirations of workforce DI&A initiatives;
  • developed the AGCO’s DI&A strategy complete with vision, mission, goals, objectives, actions and metrics.

In late 2021, the consulting team provided recommendations for consideration as the AGCO develops its DI&A implementation plan, many of which are already being implemented. For example, to enhance organizational accountability, during the 2021–2022 year, the AGCO engaged staff in DI&A activities such as:

  • recognizing and celebrating days and events of significance throughout the year for our diverse workforce;
  • providing land acknowledgements prior to meetings, from locations throughout the province where AGCO employees live;
  • updating professional development plans to encourage greater engagement between managers and staff;
  • initiating cultural competence workshops for leadership staff.

The AGCO will continue to explore the recommendations as it takes its next steps along the DI&A journey. During 2021–2022, the AGCO has made progress in enriching its equity program offerings and built on its commitment to be an inclusive, people-first organization.

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