This section outlines the personal and entity disclosure requirements when applying for the following:

  • Beer and Cider Authorization

  • Beer and Wine Authorization

  • Ferment on Premise Facility Licence

  • Licence to Represent a Manufacturer

  • Liquor Delivery Service Licence

  • Liquor Sales Licence

  • Liquor Sales Licence – Manufacturer’s Tied House

  • Mini Bar Licence

  • Manufacturer’s Licence – Brewery

  • Manufacturer’s Licence – Distillery

  • Manufacturer’s Licence – Winery


When applying for a Licence under the Liquor Licence Act (LLA), and/or an Authorization under the Liquor Control Act (LCA), you will be required to provide the name of any individual or entity that:

  • has or will have a direct or indirect interest in the entity
  • has or will have a key management or operational role
  • holds 10% or more of any class ofshares

Personal Disclosure information must be provided by all of the following persons:

  • Sole Proprietor
  • All Officers and/or Directors
  • All Partners
  • Any shareholder holding 10% or more of any class of shares*
  • On-site manager, if applicable

*Not required for a Beer and Cider or Beer and Wine Authorization.

Entity disclosure information must be provided by the applicant corporation and by all corporations directly or indirectly holding 10% or more of any class of shares.

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