1. The licensee must purchase, lease or rent bingo paper, supplies and equipment that comply with the requirements and standards for the devices only from Gaming-Related Suppliers registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992.
  2. The conduct of bingo must include the following equipment:
    1. a bingo blower or other device from which balls are withdrawn at random;
    2. a set of 75 balls bearing the numbers from one (1) to 75 and the letters B, I, N, G, O, or a set of 90 balls bearing the numbers one (1) to 90, or a set of 80 balls bearing the numbers one (1) to 80, and;
    3. bingo paper.
  3. All equipment used in the conduct of a bingo event must be kept in good working order.

4.2 The licensee must ensure that the set of bingo balls is complete, in operating condition and in their receptacle prior to the commencement of each event. The set of bingo balls must be made available for inspection upon request.

  1. Bingo paper must not contain any coupon, promotional or advertising material unless it is promoting the licensee and is approved by the licensee.
  2. All bingo paper must remain in the manufacturer’s labeled cartons while in inventory at a bingo hall.

4.4 The licensee may choose to offer the use of hand-held personal bingo verifiers, so long as;

  1. the maximum number of cards that may be played with a hand-held personal bingo verifier shall be 36;
  2. a maximum of one (1) hand-held personal bingo verifier may be used per player, per session;
  3. where a licensee is using the services of an Operator of a bingo hall, as per Section9.3(a), a cost-sharing agreement must exist between the licensee and the Operator of the bingo hall.

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