A Regulatory Submission – EIPH Program – Add or Remove Horse (Ordinarily Competing in Ontario) must be submitted by a Veterinarian, Trainer, Assistant Trainer or Owner to place or remove a horse ordinarily competing in Ontario to or from the Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH) Program (Lasix). The signature of an authorized veterinarian is required.

You are also required to submit an Authorization of Trainer (EIPH Program) with your submission to place the horse on the Program.


  • The AGCO will assume that all horses coming from outside of Ontario (if their last race was outside of Ontario) are on Lasix, and will automatically enroll them into the EIPH program.
  • A certified horse must remain on the Lasix Program for 100 days calculated from the date of its initial or most recent certification.
  • A horse must be enrolled in the EIPH Program by the time of entry.

How to Make an Online Regulatory Submission to add/remove a horse to/from the EIPH Program in Ontario on iAGCO

To add a horse to (or remove a horse from) the Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH) Program in Ontario, you will need to make an online regulatory submission through the iAGCO portal at www.agco.ca/iAGCO.

To ensure your horse is eligible to race, you are advised to go online and make your regulatory submission several days before the entry date for your intended race date.

What you need to know

To add a horse to (or remove a horse from) the EIPH Program:

  1. Complete and sign the EIPH Program Authorization form for each horse you are looking to add to (or remove from) the EIPH program.
  2. Have your licensed veterinarian complete and sign the “Attending Veterinarian” section of the same form. (Veterinarians making a submission, must complete this section themselves and have a Trainer, Owner or Assistant Trainer sign the form.)
  3. Create an iAGCO Account.
    NOTE: If you have participated in racing in Ontario before and this is your first time using iAGCO, you will need a one-time Access Code to link your account to your existing licence:
    • Call AGCO Customer Service Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.at 416-326-8700 or toll-free 1-800-522-2876
    • Ask an AGCO Licensing Agent at any open track office (see the current track office schedule)
    • Email an AGCO Licensing Agent: racinglicensing@agco.ca
  1. Go online to Regulatory Submission and Notifications on iAGCO, select “EIPH Program - Add or Remove Horse (Ordinarily Competing in Ontario)” and follow the steps on your screen

  • To upload your EIPH Program Authorization form, you may: (1) complete and sign the form electronically, (2) print and scan the form or (3) take a photo of it.

Important Notes

  • The ability to make an EIPH Program regulatory submission in iAGCO is available for trainers, assistant trainers, owners and veterinarians.
  • You no longer have to obtain a signature from an Official Veterinarian to complete this process (only a licensed veterinarian’s signature is required).
  • Printed copies of the EIPH Program Authorization form are available in open track offices.
  • A regulatory submission is not required for horses that are already on the Ontario EIPH program. You can use the online Horse Search feature on iAGCO (version française) to see if a horse is currently on the EIPH program.

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