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29.01  The race secretary shall:

  1. Receive and keep safe in his or her custody any documents required to permit a horse to compete at the race meet or stabled on the grounds owned or cared for by the Association and return same to the owner or representative upon request;
  2. Be familiar with the age, class and competitive ability of all horses racing at the meeting;
  3. Classify and reclassify horses in accordance with the Rules;
  4. Write conditions and schedule the racing programs to be presented at the racetrack and post same not less than 24 hours before declarations close;
  5. Provide for the listing of horses in the racing program, examine all entry blanks and declarations and verify all information set forth therein; select the horses to start and the also eligible horses from the declarations in accordance with the rules governing these functions;
  6. Examine nominations and declarations in early closing, late closing, futurity and stake events; verify the eligibility of all declarations and nominations and compile lists thereof for publication;
  7. Establish standards and allowances for horses in accordance with commission and track rules and display such information in the Judges’ office, the racing office, on condition sheets and on the racing program; and
  8. Ensure that no one other than officials and those assisting the race secretary are permitted in the office during the taking and sorting of entries;
  9. Deleted
    (Note: replaced by R. 35. 13)

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