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3.01  An Association shall not:

  1. Operate a racetrack at which racing is conducted without applying for a licence, race dates and the post time for the first race of each program of racing on each race date and having them approved by the Registrar;
  2. Change its race dates or the post time for the first race on any race date by more than 30 minutes, without having such change approved by the Registrar;
  3. Operate a racetrack without payment of the monthly fee for regulatory funding;
  4. Cancel training track facilities unless weather or exceptional conditions apply once the training track opens for training until closing of the racing season.

3.02  The Registrar has power, as he or she may think proper, to make and, if necessary, to vary all arrangements for the conduct of a meeting.

3.02.01  A decision of the Registrar regarding approval or non-approval of race dates is not appealable to the HRAP.

3.03.01  The Commission and its designated representatives in the performance of their duties, shall, subject to the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015, have the right of full and complete entry to all parts of the grounds and buildings of any Association, whether or not racing is being conducted by the Association at the time.

3.03.2  As a condition to its Race Track Operator’s Licence, an Association shall provide:

  1. A Stewards’ stand to be located and constructed so as to afford the Stewards with an unobstructed view of the entire racing strip and having adequate facilities acceptable to the Registrar for carrying out of their duties;
  2. Adequate security measures to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain entrance to the Stewards’ room in the Stewards’ stand unless invited by the Stewards;
  3. Offices within the grounds of each race track for the use and at the disposal of the Commission’s designated representatives for the purposes of licensing and for the Stewards to carry out their pre-race and post-race duties. These facilities are to be acceptable to the Registrar and will be subject to inspection at any reasonable time.

3.04.01  The video tapes of any day’s races will be screened at the race track where racing is being conducted at a time and place arranged by the Stewards on the next day when racing occurs at that track.

3.04.02  All Commission licensees, members of the Press and members of the public may attend these screenings.

3.04.03  Only one public screening of any race shall be required to be made for Commission licensees, members of the Media or public. However, if the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association requests a special showing of the video tape of any race, such video tape will be screened for them at or about the time of the public screening of the video tapes of the previous day’s racing.

3.04.04  Deleted.

3.04.05  Associations or their delegate shall keep on file, race patrol film or video of each race for reference or reproduction upon request of the Commission for one year after the last racing day of the previous year.

3.04.06  Video tapes of the Video Patrol shall not be shown, given or sold to anyone without permission of the Registrar. Further clearance must be obtained from the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency before any video tapes of the Video Patrol are given or sold to anyone.

3.05  Deleted.

3.06  At the close of each meeting, each racing Association shall report to the Registrar the handle, paid attendance, total purses paid, provincial government revenue from wagering and Association revenue from wagering for each meeting.

3.07  Races shall be run by the Associations no longer than 30 minutes apart on week-days and no longer than 35 minutes apart on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays but in the event of emergency or special occasions, such times may be extended by the Stewards.

3.08  Racing shall be conducted only between the hours of 12 o’clock noon and 12 o’clock midnight Eastern Standard Time, unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Registrar.

3.09  When a racing Association is conducting racing, it shall reserve sufficient accommodation in its receiving barn for horses that are stabled elsewhere and the trainers of horses racing each day shall have their horses in the receiving barn two hours prior to post time for the first race of the race program in which it races.

3.10  When any horse which is not stabled on the Association grounds where racing is being conducted arrives on a track to race, the trainer or their attendant shall so inform the receiving barn attendant at least 2 hours prior to post time for the first race of the race program in which it races, and the receiving barn attendant shall inform the appropriate officials, including Commission Veterinarian or Official Veterinarian.

3.11  Before entering upon their duties, all Racing Officials of an Association shall be approved in writing by the Registrar.

3.12  All Racing Officials and employees of the Commission, or Associations, shall promptly report to Stewards all observed violations of the Rules.

3.13  No one shall enter the stabling area of an Association race track where horses are stabled unless he or she is a member, official, employee or licensee of the Commission, an employee of an Association or a person whom the Registrar or the Association has issued with documentary credentials attesting to his or her right to enter such stabling area. However, owners, trainers, authorized Racing Officials, Commission staff, jockeys, veterinarians and any licensee approved by the Stewards with proper documentary credentials may sign in guests, unless such guests are unacceptable to the Registrar or the Association.

3.14  No Association shall allow a person under 18 years of age to purchase or cash a ticket. For the purposes of this rule, a “ticket” is defined as a receipt or voucher that is issued by an Association for one or more bets on a race or races. The Association shall ensure that signs are clearly posted in all areas where tickets are purchased or cashed or on any Association wagering application forms, advising the public of the age restriction.

3.15  If track or weather conditions are questionable for racing of horses, including actual temperature as defined in 3.15.01, a meeting shall be convened among the Stewards, management, a representative of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA) and jockeys. If required, the Stewards shall conduct a secret ballot vote of the jockeys programmed to ride that day who are present, to determine if racing should be canceled. If the vote of the jockeys determines that more than 50% vote against racing, the card will be canceled. Notwithstanding the vote, the jockeys who cancel their mount will not be subject to any penalties. The foregoing does not prevent race track management from canceling the races due to track or weather conditions without consultation with the Stewards, HBPA or the jockeys.
In the event of a forecasted extreme temperature, the Extreme Temperature Standards at Rule 3.15.01 shall be applied.

Extreme Temperature Standard

3.15.01  In the event of a forecasted extreme temperature, the decision to cancel racing shall be made by an Association applying the Extreme Temperature Standard and Policy Directive 1-2009 Cancellation Fees.

Actual temperature: temperature at racetrack at post-time, or at any point during the race program as agreed upon by an Association representative and a Racing Official.  

Extreme temperature: any temperature which falls within Tier 1 or Tier 2 of the Extreme Temperature Standard.

Forecasted extreme temperature: the temperature based on a publicly accessible local forecast at 5 hours to post-time.  At the beginning of each race season the Association shall advise the industry which weather source will be used for temperature forecasts, failing which the weather source shall be the Weather Network.


Tier 1

Tier 2

Forecasted Temperature Range   31 C to 37,9 C   equal to or greater than 38 C
-15 C to -24,9 C equal to or less than -25 C
Weather Related Scratches Permitted Without Penalty Yes Yes
Additional Measures Additional measures must be put in place to ensure the well-being of the horse and any licensees with positions that may be impacted by extreme temperature.

The following additional measures must be put in place to ensure the well-being of the horse and any licensees with positions that may be impacted by extreme temperature:
Heat: 2 additional Veterinarians, or 1 additional Veterinarian and 1 registered Veterinarian Technician to monitor temperature, pulse, and respiration rate of equine athletes pre-race and post-race; Additional hosing stations or mobile cooling station with trained attendant; access to water for horses at all times; shaded areas provided for unsaddling horses; ice made available in numerous locations; Racing Officials to minimize post parade time.

Cold: 2 additional vets, or 1 additional Veterinarian and 1 registered Veterinarian Technician to monitor temperature, pulse and respiration rate of equine athletes pre-race and post-race, as well as conditions related to cold temperature including frost bite; tongues not tied outside of horse’s mouth; blankets shall be available for each horse; Racing Officials to minimize post parade time.

Cancellation Required Decision to be made by Association Decision to be made by Association

3.16.01  Associations shall hold all monies from any source for purposes of purses in trust in one or more accounts designated as purse accounts for disbursement as set out in 3.16.04.

3.16.02  Associations shall deposit all monies received for purposes of purses into the purse account(s) which include:

  1. Deleted.
  2. From nomination, sustaining, starting or similar fees for added money events within 5 days of receipt;
  3. From pari-mutuel wagers (including the share of commissions on live, inter-track, export, simulcast and any other forms of betting authorized by permit by Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency) within 10 business days of receipt or settlement;
  4. From any other source, including reimbursement of a purse that is required to be repaid, within 10 business days of receipt or settlement.

3.16.03  An Association may, where authorized in writing by the Registrar, deposit the monies received from the fees for added money events or from pari-mutuel wagers into another account designated for that purpose and hold the monies in that account subject to any terms imposed by the Registrar.

3.16.04  Any interest earned on the monies received from any source for purposes of purses less reasonable banking charges incurred and paid for with respect to the purse account(s) shall be deemed to be monies received for purposes of purses.

3.16.05  An Association shall disburse the monies from the purse account(s) only as follows:

  1. To pay purses in accordance with the Rules; or
  2. Deleted.
  3. To reimburse owners for races that are cancelled or races that are declared ‘no contest’ by the Registrar or his or her delegate; or
  4. For other purposes which are approved by the Registrar that are for the benefit of racing or will provide benefits to all or a sizeable proportion of horsepeople.

The Association, in a manner satisfactory to the Registrar, shall at the time of disbursement disclose or cause to be disclosed to owners, trainers and others who receive purse money, the purposes under (d) above and the amount of any monies disbursed for such purposes

3.16.06  The costs for the management and administration of the purse account(s) or such other account as the Registrar may permit in writing shall not be paid from monies that have been received for purposes of purses.

3.16.07  An Association shall manage and administer the purse account(s) or such other account as the Registrar may authorize in writing. The Association shall maintain the books and records related to the purse account(s) or such other account as the Registrar may authorize in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles or such other standards as may be approved by the Registrar for use by the Association.

3.16.08  An Association may retain the services of, or delegate responsibilities, that are permitted to be delegated under this Rule to a licensed Purse Account Manager provided that:

  1. There is an agreement between the Association and the Purse Account Manager which shall be provided to the Registrar upon request;
  2. Any payments for the performance of services under this agreement are paid directly by the Association from monies other than purse monies;
  3. The Purse Account Manager’s functions and activities are limited to clerical services related to the distribution of the purse monies;
  4. The Purse Account Manager shall be the agent of the Association in performing any services; and
  5. (The Association remains responsible for the payment of all purses.

3.16.09  The Association shall ensure that any person who is entitled to a purse or other payment from the monies that are intended for purposes of purses shall receive the purse or other payment. Where the person who is entitled to such purse or other payment cannot be located within one year of the end of the meeting, the Association may, with the permission of the Registrar, consider the monies as monies received for purposes of purses in the subsequent meeting.

3.16.10  The Association shall provide statements to any association of horsepeople or person with whom it has agreement for purposes of live racing or for purposes of the regulations under the Criminal Code (Canada) with respect to the issuance of a pari-mutuel betting permit setting out the monies received for purposes of purses, the source of those monies and the disbursements made of those monies and for what purposes. The statements shall be provided by the end of the month following.

3.16.11  Any responsibility regarding an approved disbursement of monies from the purse account(s) made by the Association ceases once the monies have been disbursed in accordance with Rule 3.16.04.

3.16.12  Within 60 days of the end of its fiscal year, the Association shall make available to the Registrar for examination, the annual statements of the purse account(s), and such other account that has been authorized by the Registrar. When completed, a copy of the report will be made available to the association of horsepeople. The cost of the examination and related expenses will be the responsibility of the Association.

3.16.13  Any Association, Purse Account Manager or person who contravenes the Rules with respect to purses may be subject to a monetary penalty and/or suspended by the Registrar.

3.17    An Association shall not make a condition of entry requiring a licensee to consent to Association personnel or their agent(s) entering the licensee’s property, including public training centres that the licensee occupies, for the purposes of:

  1. Conducting search and seizure; or
  2. Collecting biological samples from horses.

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