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31.01  A Standardbred Canada field representative shall:

  1. Represent Standardbred Canada to provide services to racing participants; and
  2. Input to and maintain accurately the Standardbred Canada database, including:
    1. Adding non-Ontario horses to the data base when racing for the first time at tracks in Ontario;
    2. Recording racelines not already on the database, immediately upon receipt of same;
    3. Inputting changes of ownership to the data base, necessitated by claims and transfers;
    4. Inputting change of sex information for horses to the data base;
    5. inputting all race results and printing reports for all types of races to the data base as soon as they become available, and providing reports to the Judges and the charter for proof reading and verification by the Judges before completion of the program;
    6. Inputting Coggins’ Test information from laboratory certificates, immediately upon receipt of such test result; and
    7. Deleted.
    8. Deleted.
    9. Deleted.
    10. Deleted.
    11. Deleted.
    12. Deleted.
    13. Deleted.
    14. Maintaining the past performance line of the horses, indicating when Furosemide was used and when it was not used, as the case may be.

31.02  Deleted.

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