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32.01  The paddock judge shall:

  1. Under the direction and supervision of the Judges, have complete charge of all paddock activities;
  2. Get the fields on the track for post parades in accordance with the schedule given by the Judges;
  3. Inspect horses for changes in equipment, broken or faulty equipment, head numbers and saddle pads;
  4. Be responsible for the equipment inspector who shall keep a record of the equipment and harness worn by every horse racing at the meeting. The equipment and harness worn by every horse shall be checked in the paddock against such records before each race. All changes from the previous race shall be noted and the Judges notified if an authorization on the prescribed form is not presented for any change of equipment;
  5. Supervise paddock security guards;
  6. Check horses and drivers in and out;
  7. Direct the activities of the paddock blacksmith;
  8. Immediately notify the Judges of anything that could in any way change, delay or otherwise affect the racing program;
  9. See that only properly authorized persons are permitted in the paddock;
  10. Supervise the identification of horses in the race which shall include verifying the tattoo or freeze brand number, or identifying microchip;
  11. Inspect and supervise the maintenance of all emergency equipment kept in the paddock;
  12. Notify the Judges of the reason for any horse returning to the paddock after having entered the track for the post parade and before the start of the race;
  13. Notify the Judges of all drivers, trainers and grooms who leave the paddock in an emergency;
  14. Supervise and maintain cleanliness of the paddock;
  15. Supervise the conduct of all participants in the paddock and report any rule violations or abuses to the Judges;
  16. Report any observed cruelty to a horse;
  17. Submit all paddock reports and attendance records to the Judges on request. Such reports and records must be retained for twelve months; and
  18. Ensure that all entrances and exits to the racetrack are closed before the starter calls the field to the post.

32.02  A record shall be maintained indicating the names and times of entry and departure of all persons admitted to the paddock. The persons entitled to admission to the paddock area are:

  1. Owners, lessees, trainers, drivers or grooms of horses which have been summoned to the paddock;
  2. Officials whose duties require their presence in the paddock; and
  3. Other persons authorized by the Judges or the Registrar.

32.03  Once admitted to the paddock, the horse shall not leave the restricted area, other than to warm up or until the races for which the horses were admitted are completed.

32.04  Deleted.

32.05  The post parade from the paddock shall commence at a time designated by the Judges. The paddock judge shall cause all horses in a race to be formed in a parade line in the programmed order. Such horses shall be attended by their drivers unless specifically excused by the paddock judge.

32.06  It shall be the duty of the paddock judge to report to the Judges any equipment or harness which he/she considers dangerous or unsafe or not in the best interests of racing.

32.07  The paddock is a secure area for the period beginning two hours before post time and ending one hour after the last race. Medications, drugs and substances are prohibited, in accordance with  Standardbred Directive No. 1 - 2019 - Standards-Based Race Day Medication Ban.


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