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5.01.01  All racing colours worn in races shall be registered annually, or for life, with the Commission at the current set fee.

5.01.02  The front and back of each jacket registered with the Commission must be identical in every particular in colour and pattern.

5.02  No horse shall race in any colours except those registered for its ownership, stable name, or any one of the partners.

5.03  A jockey shall wear the colours of the owner of the horse he/she is riding (except by special permission of the Stewards) and any change of colours shall be announced to the public.

5.04  Any disputes between claimants to the right of particular racing colours shall be decided by the Registrar.

5.05  The purchaser of lifetime colours shall have the right to use these colours throughout their lifetime and may be used by their estate as long as the horses run in the name of that estate. For a period of five years after the estate ceases to use the colours, they cannot be used without the approval of the estate. If lifetime colours are not renewed for a period of ten years, these colours will be eligible for approval for another owner only after all attempts to contact the previous owner have been exhausted.

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