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The Ontario Racing Commission at its meeting of Thursday, April 26, 2012, resolved that the Quarter Horse Appendix to the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 2009 be amended by the promulgation of the changes to the following Rules, effective immediately:

Chapter 9


Rule 9.15.01  A Quarter Horse Jockey shall not:

(a)  be an owner or trainer of any quarter horse race horse,
(b)  compete in any race against a horse owned or trained by his or her spouse, or
(c)  compete in any race against a horse owned by his or her mother, father, brother or sister.

Chapter 12


Rule 12.01.01  Delete (Thoroughbred Rule 12.01.01 will apply)

Rule 12.08  If a horse is claimed, it shall not be sold or transferred to anyone in whole or in part, except in a claiming race, for a period of thirty (30) clear days from the date of claim. It shall not, unless reclaimed, remain in the same stable or under control or management of its former owner or trainer for the same thirty (30) clear days.

Rule 12.29  Delete (Thoroughbred Rule 12.29 will apply)




John L. Blakney
Executive Director

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