Applicants applying for a partnership registration must provide the following information about each individual and/or entity that have or will have a direct or indirect interest in the partnership and/or a key management or operational role:

  • Full name and position / title of individuals, or legal name of entities
  • Legal Address
  • Licence Number (if applicable)
  • % of Ownership Interest

Note: Any individual or entity holding or controlling five per cent (5%) or more of an entity must be licensed appropriately for that ownership (i.e. Owner, Stable Licence, Partnership Registration).

Standardbred corporations must disclose the number of shareholders. If there are less than 10 shareholders, every director and shareholder must be licensed. For 10 or more shareholders but less than 50, every director and shareholder with 5% or more with voting rights needs to be licensed. For 50 or more shareholders, all directors, officers, members of the board, any person responsible for activities of the corporation, and any shareholder with 5% or more of voting rights must be licensed.

Note: Up to 2 people in a corporation can remain unlicensed if (1) they have no beneficial interest (i.e. no voting rights), (2) are not an active participant or (3) hold less than 1% of voting rights.

For Thoroughbred general partnerships, applicants with an interest in more than one racing entity must be licensed (regardless of the percentage of ownership).

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