A Regulatory Submission – Notification of Equine Fatality must be submitted by a Trainer, Assistant Trainer, Owner, Stable Licence, Partnership Registration, Estate/Trust Licence or Veterinarian to notify the AGCO of a race horse fatality.

Race horses in Ontario that die within 60 days of entering a race, a workout or a qualifying event must be reported to the AGCO. Horse(s) may be sent for a post mortem examination.

The AGCO wishes to convey condolences on the loss of any horse. A member of the AGCO Veterinary Services team will contact you for more information to advise whether the horse is required to go for a post-mortem examination.

You will also be required to answer a number of questions and provide information relating to the Trainer and fatality (i.e. date, time, location).

To submit your Regulatory Submission on the iAGCO online portal, follow these steps:

  1. From the Main Menu, click the Submit Regulatory Submissions and Notifications link.
    Image of main menu with Regulatory Submissions and Notifications link.
  2. Select the Notification of Equine Fatality link.
    NOTE: only users with certain types of Racing licences linked to their account will be able to submit this type.
    Image of Regulatory Submissions and Notifications menu with Notification of Equine Fatality link.

  3. Select a licence from the licence drop down and fill in the Horse Information section.
    Image of Notification of Equine Fatality menu with licence dropdown and horse information section.

  4. If applicable, answer any questions and upload any required documents on the following screens.

  5. Submit the Regulatory Submission using the Submit button.

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