Teletheatre Location Registration applicants are required to submit their own AGCO application via the iAGCO online portal. For more information on iAGCO, see our Information Sheet: Teletheatre Operators.

Teletheatre Location Registration applicants are required to submit the following information with their application:

  • Application Fee
  • Corporate Structure (not applicable to Operator-Pari-Mutuel Operations Licence)
  • Personal Disclosure (not applicable to Operator-Pari-Mutuel Operations Licence)
  • Business Name Registration

Registration requires an agreement with an AGCO licensed Racetrack Operator.

All individuals involved in the Teletheatre operation (e.g. site manager) are required to provide disclosure information.

In the case of a company, the above individuals must include all partners, officers, directors and shareholders with an interest of 5% or more.

The application for a Teletheatre Location Registration must be completed by the operator of the premises where the Teletheatre will be located.

Federal regulation requires that teletheatres be operated by an association. An agreement with an AGCO licensed Racetrack Operator is required.

Teletheatre Location Registration applicants must advise their local municipality and local horseperson’s association of their application.

Teletheatre Location Registration applicants will be required to provide:

  • Confirmation from their associated racetrack confirming their intent to open a teletheatre location at the proposed site
  • One or more of the following documents, varying based on the location’s business structure: Certificate or Articles of Incorporation; Charter/By-Laws; Partnership Agreement; Limited Partnership Agreement; Limited Partnership Declaration; Shareholder’s Agreement; Trust Agreement; Letter of Good Standing (for Horse Racing only); any other constituting documentation relevant to the entity

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