Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Veterinarian’s List

Any horse scratched by the AGCO Veterinarian or Official Veterinarians is placed on this 7 day list. Horses can be placed on this list for reasons of illness, overall soundness or fitness to race. While on the list, the horse is not eligible to be entered.

Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Cryoanaesthesia and Nerve List

Horses that have been nerved must be declared as per the AGCO Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 15.02.4. Horses that have been nerve-blocked, desensitizing the volar or plantar nerves through any combination of alcohol, drug, or procedure shall be placed on this list.

Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Procaine List

Horses using Procaine must be declared as per the AGCO Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 6.42. Horses will remain on this list for no less then 21 days following the last reported use of this medication.

Steward’s List

The Stewards of Thoroughbred racing may place the name of any horse on the Steward’s List for any reason they may deem to be proper. While on this list, the horse may not race or be entered into a race, as per AGCO Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 16.11.

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