Standardbred Stable Names and Corporations

A stable name, estate or multiple ownership entity (such as a corporation or a partnership) that owns a horse must be licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Prior to being licensed by the AGCO, the ownership must first be registered with Standardbred Canada, or in the United States through the United Stated Trotting Association (USTA).

In addition to the ownership entity, any person holding or controlling five per cent (5%) or more of an entity must be licensed as an owner.

Application Process

Effective March 2, 2020 all transactions with the AGCO must be completed online through iAGCO. Paper applications are no longer accepted for horse racing-related licenses and registrations. For more information, visit the iAGCO Information page.   

A complete application includes:

  • Completed stable application - including a list of names and addresses for all partners and controlling officers
  • Appropriate licensing fees
  • Business documentation as follows (if not already on file with the AGCO):
    • Corporation – Official Profile Report for the corporation name from the Ministry of Government Services
    • Partnerships (General or Limited) - Business Names Report from the Ministry of Government Services
    • Applicants can also obtain these reports electronically through a public record search:

Licensing fees

Individuals who are members of the stable, or meet one of the definitions listed under the Categories of Licensing, must be licensed as part of the stable licence application. These individuals must submit a separate Standardbred Individual Licence Application with the appropriate licensing fees.

For more information on Corporate and Individual Standardbred licensing fees, see Horse Racing Licensing Fees.

Effect of Suspension

In the event that one or more of the members of a stable or corporation are suspended, the suspension shall also include any horses owned wholly or in part by the stable.

Changes to Business Entity

Any changes to the business entity must be reported to the AGCO.

Who Needs to be Licensed?

The following is an overview, however, licensees should refer to Chapter 28 of the Rules of Standardbred Racing for specific requirements.

Corporation – with less than 10 shareholders

  • the corporation
  • every director
  • every shareholder

Corporation – with 10 or more shareholders, but less than 50

  • the corporation
  • every director
  • every shareholder holding or controlling a number of shares giving him/her 5 per cent or more of the voting rights in the corporation

Corporation – with 50 or more shareholders, or which is registered with a Canadian stock exchange

  • the corporation
  • every director or every member of the executive committee of the board of directors
  • every person acting as chairperson, secretary or holding a similar office
  • the person responsible within the corporation for the activities for which the licence is required
  • every shareholder holding or controlling a number of shares giving him/her 5 per cent or more of the voting rights in the corporation

General Partnership

  • the partnership, if 5 or more partners
  • the manager or any person holding a similar office
  • every partner

Limited Partnership

  • the limited partnership
  • the general partner and where the general partner is a corporation or a general partnership, the persons covered by sub-sections (a), (b), (c) and (d) of this section
  • the manager or the general partner or any person holding a similar office

Registered Stable Name

  • the stable name
  • the owner or owners of the stable


  • the estate
  • the executors of the estate

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