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21.01.01  The Paddock Judge shall be in charge of the paddock.

21.01.02  It is the duty of the horse identifier under the supervision of the paddock judge to check all horses for every race and to have all horses properly identified.

21.01.03  The paddock judge shall keep a record of all equipment carried by all horses in all races, permitting no change in equipment not authorized by the Stewards.

21.01.04  The paddock judge shall, in every race, require the blacksmith in attendance in the paddock to see to it that all horses are properly shod. The paddock judge shall report immediately to the Stewards the findings of the blacksmith.

21.02  Other duties of the paddock judge shall be such as may be assigned him/her from time to time by the Stewards.

21.03  The paddock judge shall report any irregularities to the Stewards.

21.04  All horses shall be saddled in the paddock or walking ring unless the Stewards permit otherwise.

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