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41.01 Subject to the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015, a person aggrieved by a decision or ruling of the Stewards, Registrar or delegated officials made pursuant to these Rules, may appeal the decision or ruling to the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP), unless otherwise specified in the Rules.

For greater certainty, where the Rules allow for an appeal of a decision or ruling, the following aggrieved persons may appeal a decision:

  1. In the case of a ruling or decision affecting purse distribution, eligibility or placing a:
    1. Jockey; 
    2. Owner; or
    3. Trainer

    who is associated with a horse that is entered in the race referred to in the ruling or decision;

  2. In the case of a ruling or decision regarding a licensee’s conduct, only the licensee named in the ruling or decision.

41.02 Purse money affected by an appeal shall be held by the Association pending disposition.

41.03 Pending disposition of an appeal, all penalties imposed shall continue in full force and effect except when stayed by order of the HRAP.

41.04 The official performance records shall reflect the Stewards’ decision in all cases until all appeal procedures and remedies are exhausted. The eligibility of horses to the conditions of races will be in accordance with the Stewards’ decision as shown in the official performance records and will not be subsequently affected by the outcome of the appeal process. Whatever the final outcome of the appeal, the horse cannot be retroactively declared ineligible to races already contested prior to the appeal decision.

41.05 A decision of the HRAP which affects the distribution of purse money or order of finish of a race after the race had been declared official shall have no bearing on the distribution of pari-mutuel pools.

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