The following applies to all licences to conduct and manage a break open ticket lottery outside pooling bingo halls that are not subject to the Terms and Conditions for Charitable Gaming Events:

(1) Hall Charities Associations

1.1 Licensees selling break open tickets in conjunction with bingo events that do not fall under the Charitable Gaming Event Terms and Conditions must do so only as a member organization of a Hall Charities Association.

1.2 The Hall Charities Association is responsible for:

  1. administering and supervising all activities related to conduct and management of the sale of break open tickets;
  2. completing and filing the required financial report on the results of the event;
  3. keeping all required records and administering the designated lottery trust account;
  4. ensuring that proceeds raised are distributed on a pro rata basis to all member organizations of the Hall Charities Association.

1.3 Break open tickets must not be sold during any bingos conducted by organizations which are not member organizations of the Hall Charities Association that administers break open ticket sales.

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