14.1 The arrangement of numbers required to be covered on bingo paper in order to win the game and the amount of the prize for each game must be announced to the players immediately before each game begins.

  1. A player must be declared the winner of a game if they have covered all of the numbers in the required arrangement.
  2. A player does not need to have the last number called in order to be declared a winner.

14.3 A licensee must verify, at the time a player claims to have won and before a prize is paid out, that the numbers covered on the bingo paper are a winning arrangement:

  1. by audible call-back of the numbers covered on the bingo paper in the immediate presence of one (1) or more neutral players; or
  2. through the use of the bingo caller’s electronic verification system and by confirming visually the numbers covered on the bingo paper. The licensee must purchase, lease or rent electronic bingo verifying equipment that complies with the requirements and standards for the devices only from Gaming-Related Suppliers registered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992.


  1. After a winner has been declared, the licensee must ensure that the caller inquires clearly and audibly three (3) times of the players whether there are any other players claiming to be a winner of that game. If there are no other winners, the licensee must ensure the caller declares the game to be closed.
  2. No claim of a player to have won a game is valid if made after the game has been declared closed.


  1. The total prize, as announced prior to the commencement of the bingo game, must be paid to a winner or winners. The caller must announce the number of winners for each game and the amount paid to each winner.
  2. Where there is more than one (1)winner of a bingo game, the prize offered must be divided equally amongst all players having obtained a valid bingo. The licensee may set a minimum prize payout not to exceed five (5) dollars. The total amount awarded in prizes must not exceed the licensee’s licensed prize board.

14.6 In the event that the number on a ball is miscalled, the actual number on the ball and not the called number must be the official number for the game. Any claim by a player to have won a bingo using a miscalled number must be disallowed.

  1. The designated member in charge of the bingo occasion, acting on behalf of the licensee, must provide a handwritten, electronic or videotaped record for each bingo game played outlining the order in which the numbers were called for each game held during the bingo event. This is the official record of the games.
  2. In the event of an error in verification of bingo paper, resulting in a game being declared closed, the game must be reconstructed using the official record to identify the numbers previously called and the game must continue until won by a player. The record and winning bingo paper must be retained for 30 days following the bingo event.

14.8 If it should be determined that a game has been closed as the result of a miscalled number and there is not a valid winner for the game, the game must be reconstructed using the official record to identify the numbers previously called and the game must continue until won by a player.
14.9 The licensee may establish House Rules governing the conduct of the bingo. House Rules must be displayed at the premises where the bingo is being conducted. In the event that a House Rule conflicts with these terms and conditions or any other regulation, the terms and conditions or regulation will take precedence.
14.10 Additional bingo games approved by the Registrar must be operated in compliance with the approved Rules of Play as specified by the Registrar.

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