The Registrar or municipality may suspend or cancel lottery licences where:

  • there has been a breach of any term, condition, Directive or Standard
  • there are reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant or licensee will not conduct and manage the lottery scheme in accordance with law or with honesty and integrity
  • in its opinion it is in the public interest to do so
  • an applicant or licensee fails to submit financial reports or other information in accordance with the Registrar’s requirements.

The Registrar also has the power to refuse to issue a licence for the grounds set out in section 5 of the Order-in-Council or to suspend or cancel a licence issued by a municipal council.

If an organization continues to conduct lottery events after its licence has been suspended or cancelled, the lottery events will be illegal pursuant to the Criminal Code (Canada).

See Order-in-Council 1413/08, as well as 3.4.1, “Suspending or cancelling lottery licences,” and 5.11.1, “Requests to cancel raffle licences.”   

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