2.1 Licensees which conduct bingo under a Regular Bingo licence at bingo halls where four (4) or more bingo events are con­ducted in any seven-day period (formerly Class A and Class B bingo halls) must be a member organization of a Hall Charities Association.

2.2 The Hall Charities Association, in consulta­tion with the Operator of the bingo hall, is responsible for:

  1. scheduling the dates and times each member organization may conduct bingo events;
  2. determining the type of prize board to be offered at the bingo events conducted within the hall (variable or fixed);
  3. determining the game schedule and the prices of the bingo paper;
  4. administering any super jackpot, breakopen ticket or other licences issued to the Hall Charities Association;
  5. in pooling situations, administering the pooling of bingo proceeds in accordance with requirements set out by the Registrar. A copy of Terms and Conditions issued pur­suant to Section 2.2(e) of the Regular andSpecial Bingo Licence Terms and Conditions— Bingo Sponsors’ Association Poolingof Funds is available from a licensing authority.

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