A proposed use of lottery proceeds is ineligible if:

  • it provides a personal benefit or gain to the members of the applicant organization;
  • it supports tourism or other purely economic benefits;
  • it advances a particular political issue;
  • it enhances lands and buildings owned and/or operated by a government;
  • it is a responsibility that has traditionally been fulfilled by a government; or
  • it funds activities that do not fall within one of the four charitable classifications.


Eligible organizations may not use the proceeds from lottery licences for:

  • the cost of political lobbying and/or advocating a particular view on a political issue, including the cost of staffing, publication materials and advertising;
  • fundraising activities, including wages for a fundraiser and the cost of promotional materials;
  • administrative or other activities that are not integral to the direct provision of the organization’s charitable mandate;
  • the provision of services for which the organization receives government funding or which the organization is required, by law, to provide;
  • legal fees/costs incurred by the organization or its board;
  • volunteer recognition;
  • foreign aid, out-of-province aid or aid to non-Ontario residents;
  • accounting fees, except as provided by the terms and conditions of the lottery licence;
  • out-of-pocket expenses for volunteers to participate in a licensed lottery event, except as permitted under the terms and conditions of the lottery licence;
  • academic and sports awards and trophies;
  • construction, renovation or improvement of buildings owned by or on land owned by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario or municipalities; and
  • any activity that does not fall into one of the four charitable classifications.

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