3.1 The licensee must designate at least three (3) bona fide, active members to be in charge of and responsible for the conduct of the bingo on behalf of the licensee. The designated members in charge must be at least 18 years of age, be present continu­ously during the conduct of the bingo and, on behalf of the licensee, be responsible for:

  1. supervising all activities related to the conduct of the bingo;
  2. completing and filing the required financial report on the results of the event;
  3. ensuring that all terms and conditions of the licence and any additional conditions imposed by a licensing authority are com­plied with;
  4. keeping all required records and depos­iting all monies into the designated lottery trust account;
  5. reconciling all cash transactions and bingo paper sales, including accounting for all unsold bingo paper returned after each licensed bingo event.

3.2 Each licensee is responsible for deciding how its bingo events will be staffed. The licensee has the option of:

  1. using bona fide members and full-time employees of the licensee, who are volun­teering their services to act as runners or the caller on behalf of the licensee; or
  2. using employees of the Operator of the bingo hall to act as runners or the caller; or
  3. using runners employed by the Operator on a cost-sharing basis with the Operator.
    Where the staffing costs of runners are shared between the licensee and the Operator:
    1. a “Memorandum of Understanding” in accordance with the requirements of the licensing author­ity must be entered into between the licensee and the Operator and must be approved in writing by the licensing authority prior to implementation;
    2. the licensee’s share of the staff­ing costs is paid from the amount allowed for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, which is a maximum, including GST, of three (3) per cent of the Regular Bingo prize board for that event.
  4. using volunteers, who may be mem­bers of the licensees in the Hall CharitiesAssociation or may be family, friends or volunteers from other organizations, and who receive no remuneration or reimburse­ment for out-of-pocket expenses;
  5. any combination of (a), (b), (c), or (d).

3.3 The licensee must not pay the wages of the employees of the Operator.

3.4 The licensee must ensure that the runners’ only duties are to verify winners, award prizes obtained from the licensee and sell bingo paper for Special games to bingo patrons.

3.5 Where the licensee uses an employee of the bingo hall to act as the caller for the bingo event, he/she must be registered as a Gaming Assistant under the Gaming Control Act, 1992.

3.6 The licensee must not allow any person who has had a registration under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 revoked, sus­pended or refused to participate in any way in the conduct of the event.

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