The following applies to all licences to conduct and manage a break open ticket lottery outside pooling bingo halls that are not subject to the Terms and Conditions for Charitable Gaming Events:

(3) Ticket requirements

3.1 The licensee must ensure that there is a process for tracking tickets via the ticket serial number. (Updated February 2023)

3.2 A single break open ticket may feature a winning combination of numbers or symbols entitling the holder to an instant cash prize, a merchandise prize, a coupon that may be redeemed for a prize, a coupon entitling the holder to a merchandise discount or a chance to win a prize determined by a subsequent event or any combination of these prizes.

3.3 Break open tickets may include a logo or other brand identifier promoting a sponsor, provided that the break open tickets continue to be clearly identifiable as a charitable gaming product, in accordance with the Registrar’s policies.

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