4.1 The licensee must print only the number of tickets indicated and approved in the application for licence.

4.2 Tickets must be consecutively numbered.


  1. The licensee must have tickets printed in two (2) parts which must contain the following information:
    1. the licence number;
    2. the name of the licensee;
    3. the location(s), date(s), and time(s) of the draw(s);
    4. a description, including the nature, number and value of the prize(s) to be awarded;
    5. the price of each ticket;
    6. the number of the ticket, and;
    7. the total number of tickets printed.
  2. On the part retained by the organi­zation (for draw or record purposes):
    1. the number of the ticket;
    2. the licence number and the name of the licensee;
    3. adequate space for the name, address and telephone number of the ticket purchaser.

4.4 If tickets are to be discounted from the regular price (for example, $1.00 or three (3) for $2.00), then the prices must be indicated and printed on each ticket.

4.5 At the request of the licensing author­ity, the licensee must provide a sample of the ticket.

4.6 The licensee must not use any type of “scratch and win” ticket.

4.7 Where prizes are donated, and the donor and the licensee agree, the donor name or company name may be included on the ticket, provided that the name of the licensee is more prominent.

4.8 Tickets must not bear any coupon, promotional or advertising material unless it is promoting the licensee and approved by the licensee.

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