5.1 Operators shall have available for review by the AGCO accurate floor plans of the premises.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Floor plans shall identify the sensitivity level of each area of the premises including:
    1. Areas within the premises at which lottery schemes are offered, showing the current inventory and location of games;
    2. Financial control areas;
    3. Areas containing sensitive inventories.
  2. Floor plans or other documentation shall identify areas where a dual authorization access system or two factor access system is appropriate, given the sensitivity level of the area.
  3. Floor plans or other documentation shall include the maximum capacity approved for the gaming site.

5.2 Only authorized individuals shall be permitted access to sensitive areas.

Requirements – At a minimum, Operators shall:

  1. Adopt a dual authorization access system or two factor access system for those sensitive areas of the premises or sensitive parts of gaming supplies identified by the Operator.

    Guidance: There may be various levels of sensitivity in a gaming site. Dual authorization access will be appropriate for the highest risk areas, such as playing card vaults and cash count rooms, where strict controls are necessary to secure the gaming site and/ or safeguard gaming integrity or assets. Two factor access, on the other hand, may be appropriate for other types of sensitive areas or equipment. Each gaming site is unique and should define its sensitive areas as it deems appropriate. The Registrar, however, retains the authority to direct an Operator to adopt a certain form of access authorization for a certain area or equipment, as deemed necessary.

5.3 Individuals suspected of, or engaged in, creating a disturbance that could be harmful to the individual, to the public or to gaming-related assets shall be removed from the premises, and the occurrence shall be reported in accordance with the established notification matrix.

5.4 A policy and process shall be in place to provide individuals with security escorts to and from vehicles, where it is requested.

5.5 Areas under the control of the Operator shall be monitored for the presence of unattended children. All occurrences of unattended children shall be addressed and reported in accordance with the established notification matrix.

5.6 There shall be site emergency procedures to protect the public from personal harm and limit the damage to or loss of gaming-related assets

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Employees or persons retained by the Operator shall be competent in implementing site emergency procedures and evacuation plans.

5.7 Security and surveillance shall be in place to protect the public and gaming-related assets and to record transactions.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Floor plans must show surveillance equipment positioning for each area including:
    1. location(s) of the lottery schemes (including the camera coverage for each);
    2. areas containing cash or cash equivalents such as cages, count rooms, armoured car pickups and deliveries;
    3. areas containing sensitive inventories;
    4. all entrances and exits (points of egress).

      Guidance: The intent of Requirement 1(d) is to ensure that all points of access, which directly or indirectly lead to the gaming floor or sensitive areas at a minimum have camera coverage or an alarm, which is actively monitored for unauthorized access.

  2. Surveillance plans must include activities that address the following:
    1. camera coverage and control systems for all lottery schemes;
    2. secure movement of cash, cash equivalents and sensitive inventories within the gaming site;
    3. interventions related to persons suspected of conducting illegal activities at the gaming site.
  3. [Removed, September 2020.]
  4. Continuous independent monitoring must be provided even if the premises is closed to the public.
  5. Video/digital recordings shall be made and retained for a minimum period as specified by the Registrar.
  6. The handling of sensitive inventories shall be conducted securely at all times, to prevent loss or misuse.
  7. The AGCO OPP Casino Enforcement Unit, a unit of the OPP Bureau assigned to the AGCO, must be provided with independent monitoring equipment with override capability within the Casino Enforcement Unit work area (applicable to Casinos only).

5.8 There shall be timely and accurate maintenance of gaming-related financial transactions, accounting information and data.

5.9 Lottery schemes shall be played only within designated areas of the premises.

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