An organization licensed to conduct a raffle event may request to have its licence cancelled at any time, provided that no tickets have been sold. Any such request must be made in writing to the licensing authority and must state that no sales have taken place.

In the interests of consumer protection, a licence may not be cancelled once sales have begun except under the following conditions:

  • all ticket purchasers must provide signed consent indicating that they have no objections to the lottery being cancelled; and
  • the licensee must contact all ticket purchasers and refund the ticket purchase price.

The request to cancel must be made in writing to the applicable licensing authority with an explanation of why the licensee is making the request.

Unless all ticket purchasers agree to the above conditions, the licensee must conduct the lottery event as originally set out in the application for licence.

See also 3.4.1. Suspending or cancelling lottery licences.

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