6.3.1 (A) Examples of acceptable locations

Examples of facilities that may qualify as acceptable locations for a special occasion gaming licence include:

  • municipal community centres;
  • service club halls;
  • church halls;
  • banquet halls and ballrooms available for private functions, including those in hotels; and
  • convention centres.

6.3.1 (B) Criteria for acceptable locations

In order to be an acceptable location for the conduct of a special occasion gaming licence, a location must meet the following standards:

  • The location must comply with all municipal bylaws, including zoning and parking bylaws and fire regulations. The location must also have a public hall licence or authorization for public assembly purposes, including a designation of the maximum number of persons permitted for an assembly.
  • The hall must be separated from other activity areas by permanent walls or a floor to ceiling accordion door that locks from the inside.
  • The special occasion gaming licence location must have a separate entrance that is not shared by patrons of any other activity conducted on the premises. Patrons of the special occasion gaming event must have direct access to the washrooms and food services. If patrons must pass through other activity areas to reach the washrooms or food services, the location is not acceptable.

  • A location must be used primarily for lease or rent to the general public for various functions, such as weddings, parties and meetings. A location that must close down all or part of its regular facility/business in order to hold a special occasion gaming event is not an acceptable location.

  • The Registrar may not issue special occasion gaming licence at locations where the owners and/or operators have been charged and/or convicted of gaming-related offences or had their registrations suspended or revoked.

  • The Registrar may not issue special occasion gaming licences at locations where owners and/or operators have been charged and/or convicted of liquor-related offences or had their liquor licence suspended or revoked.

  • If the applicant proposes to permit the consumption of liquor during a special occasion gaming licence, the applicant should contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for information regarding liquor licence laws and Special Occasion Permits.


The Registrar will not issue special occasion gaming licences for events to be held in the following locations:

  • bars or taverns without separate banquet facilities;
  • dining lounges or restaurants without separate banquet facilities;
  • common/public areas of any buildings, including shopping malls, strip malls and other retail locations;
  • business offices, office lobbies, warehouse facilities, factories, storage buildings, units or offices in office buildings and retail or industrial malls;
  • recreation centres and party rooms in condominiums and apartment buildings;
  • private homes, dwellings/residences; and
  • any conveyance that moves or is capable of moving, including boats, trains and airplanes.

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