7.8.1 (A) Break open ticket dispensers

Break open ticket dispensers are electrical or mechanical devices, and do not include “containers” as defined in 7.1.2, used to dispense break open tickets. They may be used in bingo halls, Seller locations registered to sell break open tickets under the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and at other locations exempt from registration, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Break open ticket dispenser models must be approved by the Registrar and supplied by a registered Gaming-Related Supplier.
  2. The registered Gaming-Related Supplier must be able to provide proof, in writing, that the Registrar has approved the break open ticket dispenser.
  3. A licensee may choose to purchase or rent a dispenser from a registered Gaming-Related Supplier.
  4. If the licensee chooses to purchase a dispenser, the licensee must enter into a purchase agreement with a manufacturer that is a registered Gaming-Related Supplier.

If the licensee chooses to rent a dispenser, the licensee must enter into a written contract with the registered Gaming-Related Supplier. Any rental contract must state the terms and duration of the rental and outline what will happen in the event that the licence is suspended, revoked or cancelled.

  1. The licensee must pay for the purchase or the rental of a break open ticket dispenser with a cheque from the lottery trust account.
  2. The maximum allowable expenses set by the terms and conditions allow licensees the option of expensing an additional amount prescribed by the Registrar towards the purchase or rental costs of a break open ticket dispenser.

7.8.1 (B) Seal card display

The Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions require that the seal card be prominently displayed identifying the dollar value of the seal card prizes available to be won.

7.8.1 (C) Bingo event ticket game poster

The Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions require that a bingo event ticket game poster be displayed to identify the dollar value of prizes available to be won.

7.8.1 (D) Bona fide members

In order for a lottery scheme to be legal it must be conducted and managed by bona fide members of the licensed organization. The licensee must designate at least one bona fide member to be responsible for the conduct of the break open ticket lottery. If the tickets are to be sold by an HCA in a non-pooling bingo hall, the association must designate a minimum of two bona fide members.

The licensee must submit the names of the designated bona fide members to the licensing authority and must be prepared to provide documentation proving that the designated individuals are bona fide members and not members of convenience. The designated members must be at least 18 years old. (See also 3.5.2 Bona fide members.)

For pooling bingo halls operating under the Bingo Revenue Model, see 10.5.1(a) Bona fide members for further information.

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