8.1 All advertising and promotional activities in a bingo hall must comply with all rules and policies established by the Registrar.
8.2 Licensees who conduct Regular Bingos at the same bingo hall may advertise events in a cooperative manner through a HallCharities Association. A coordinator who is a bona fide member of one of the member organizations of the association must be appointed by the association to coordinate any advertising. The licence number issued to the coordinator’s member organization must appear on all licensee advertising. Bingo advertisements may contain the monetary prize value to be awarded for each event but must not combine prize values for more than one (1) event to create the impression of a large single prize board.
8.3 The licensee or Hall Charities Associationmust supply samples of advertising and promotional materials to be used in connection with the bingo if requested to do so for approval by a licensing authority.

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