8.1 The net proceeds derived from the conduct of the raffle must be used for the charitable and religious objects or purposes in Ontario as approved in the application for licence.

8.2 All prizes and expenses incurred as a result of conducting the raffle must be deducted and paid out from the gross receipts derived from the raffle. The licensee must not use monies from any other source to pay for raffle expenses.

8.3 The Registrar may limit the amount which may be paid for expenses.

8.4 Expenses must be directly related to the conduct of the raffle.

8.5 Each expense must be individually cal­culated and paid separately by cheque, drawn on the designated lottery trust account described in Section 10. The licensee must pay each Gaming-Related Supplier separately.

  1. Ticket sellers may be paid a sales commission not to exceed five (5) per cent of the price of each ticket sold.
  2. Sales commissions may be paid by cash provided they are supported by a receipt.

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