The Criminal Code (Canada) allows lottery events to be licensed at designated fairs or exhibitions. Only the Registrar may:

  • designate fairs or exhibitions as eligible venues for the conduct and management of lottery events; and
  • issue lottery licences for events to be conducted and managed at the designated fairs or exhibitions.

The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies maintains a list of fairs and exhibitions. The Registrar recognizes these as fairs and exhibitions for the purpose of lottery licensing. Fairs and exhibitions appearing on the list must meet all other eligibility requirements for lottery licensing.

The Registrar may consider designating other fairs and exhibitions not included on this list for the conduct and management of lottery events.

The boards of designated fairs or exhibitions or the operators of concessions leased from the boards (concessionaires) may apply to conduct and manage lottery events.

Lottery events to be conducted and managed at fairs or exhibitions are also subject to the Fair and Exhibition Gaming Event Terms and Conditions (3018a).

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