The following policies apply to all licence applications from fair or exhibition boards and concessionaires:

  1. Fair or exhibition boards and concessionaires may be licensed to conduct and manage lottery events only during and at designated fairs or exhibitions.
  2. The Registrar may issue Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event licences for the following gaming events:
  • blackjack,
  • wheel of fortune, and
  • merchandise bingo events.

See 6.1.1. Blackjack and wheels of fortune, and also the Fair or Exhibition Gaming Event Licence Terms and Conditions “Rules of Play (3018a)” for further information.

  1. The Registrar may also issue licences for the conduct and management of break open ticket and raffle lotteries during a designated fair or exhibition.
  2. Fair or exhibition boards are eligible for a licence to conduct and manage the following lottery schemes during the fair or exhibition:
  • blackjack
  • wheel of fortune
  • merchandise bingo
  • break open tickets
  • raffles.
  1. Concessionaires are eligible for a licence to conduct and manage the following lottery schemes during the annual fair or exhibition:
  • wheel of fortune
  • merchandise bingo.
  1. Concessionaires may apply for licences to conduct and manage lottery events at a fair or exhibition only if there is a lease in effect between the concessionaire and the board of the fair or exhibition. The concessionaire must conduct and manage the event.
  2. Betting limits for blackjack and wheel of fortune are set at a $1 minimum and $5 maximum.
  3. The applicant must use the application form for a fair or exhibition gaming event and enclose the licence fee. A concessionaire must also provide a copy of the lease.
  4. A fair or exhibition board or a concessionaire may use the services of a registered Gaming-Related Supplier. The licence application must include the supplier’s name and a summary of the services or equipment to be supplied.
  5. The Registrar will not issue lottery licences for events to be conducted and managed on any conveyance that moves or is capable of moving including boats, trains and airplanes.

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