9.1 A serial number record must be main­tained showing the distribution of tickets, including the names of sellers, and the return of ticket stubs, cash, unsold or returned tickets to reconcile all tickets and cash at the end of the raffle.

9.2 The licensee must retain all unsold tickets, and stubs or counterfoils of sold tickets for a period of one (1) year from the date of the (last) draw.

9.3 The licensee must obtain receipts for each expense incurred.

9.4 The licensee must maintain a detailed record of how profits from the raffle have been dispersed.

9.5 The licensee must maintain books, records and other documents in support of all financial reports or state­ments. These records must be kept up to date and be retained for no less than four (4) years from the date of the raffle.

9.6 The licensee must provide officers appointed by the licensing authority and all peace officers unencumbered access to all books and records related to the conduct of the raffle and must deliver these documents to the licens­ing authority when requested. The books and records may be retained by the licensing authority for audit and investigation purposes.

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