Are You Eligible for Charitable Gaming Licences?

The eligibility of your organization will be determined by the licensing office you are applying to. Charitable registration with Revenue Canada or incorporation as a non-profit organization does NOT guarantee eligibility for licences.

Your organization may be eligible if it:

Has a purpose to provide charitable services to Ontario residents to:

  1. Relieve Poverty
  2. Advance Education
  3. Advance Religion
  4. Benefit the community


  • has carried out activities consistent with its charitable purpose for at least 1 year
  • is located in Ontario
  • is non-profit

Examples may include:

  • hospital foundations
  • service clubs
  • youth activities or sports
  • arts or culture

Organizations that only promote the private interests of their members DO NOT qualify for a lottery licence. This may include, but is NOT limited to:

  • adult recreation or sports
  • individual sport teams
  • unions or employee groups
  • social clubs
  • professional associations
  • political, government, lobbying or advocacy groups

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