Rule 20 – Final Awards

20.1    The Tribunal shall deliver the final award to the Chair’s Office no later than 45 days after the hearing is complete and any time for filing written submissions has passed. Failure to deliver the award within this time does not cause the Tribunal to lose jurisdiction over the dispute. The Chair’s Office will not release the award to the Parties to the arbitration until all outstanding fees are paid.

20.2    The final award must be in writing and signed by the arbitrator. The Tribunal’s award binds the Parties unless varied or set aside.

Rule 21 – Corrections

21.1    On the request of a Party to the arbitration or on its own initiative a Tribunal may amend or vary an award or final award to correct a clerical, typographical, arithmetical or accidental error or mistake.

21.2    Within 5 days of receiving the final award a Party to the arbitration may apply to the Tribunal for clarification. The Tribunal may clarify the final award where it considers appropriate. The clarification becomes part of the final award.

Rule 22 – Costs

22.1    Within 20 days of receiving the final award a Party to the arbitration may apply to the Tribunal to decide costs where this issue was not decided in the final award.

22.2    The Tribunal may fix the costs and expenses of the arbitration including reasonable legal fees. Costs and expenses may be apportioned between the Parties to the arbitration. In deciding whether to award costs and expenses, the Tribunal may consider the result of the arbitration, the conduct of the Parties, the complexity of the issues, and any offers to settle.

22.3    The Tribunal may award pre and post judgment interest on an award in accordance with the rates contained in the Courts of Justice Act.

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