Advertising means any public notice, representation or activity, including any promotional and marketing activity that is intended to attract attention to charitable gaming, the Licensees who are managing and conducting Charitable Gaming Events or the name of the premises where Charitable Gaming Events may be held. “Advertise” and “advertisement” have corresponding meanings.

Public Service Advertising means any advertising carrying a strong message against irresponsible participation in gaming events where the message promoting responsible gaming does not contain any direct or indirect endorsement of gaming, of participating in gaming events as a player, the name under which the holder of the licence conducts its charitable works or the name of the bingo hall.

Bingo Paper means a printed device of numbers or symbols on disposable paper, cards or books or reusable hardboard, table board, shutterboard or plastic cards.

Charitable Gaming Event means an event at a bingo hall for which a Licensee is licensed to conduct and manage one or more lotteries, including bingo, break open tickets and raffles.

Complimentary or “Comp” means goods or services given or offered without charge by Bingo Hall Owners or Operators or Licensees to bingo hall patrons in recognition of participation in a gaming activity.

Hall Charities Association (HCA) means an association formed by all the licensees conducting bingo and other lotteries within a bingo hall.

Licence means a licence issued to an eligible organization under the Criminal Code (Canada) by or under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, to conduct and manage a lottery scheme approved by the Registrar.

Lottery means a scheme for which a licence is available pursuant to s.207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code (Canada).

Operator means a person who operates a gaming site.

Pooling Bingo Hall means a bingo hall where proceeds are pooled among all Licensees conducting Charitable Gaming Events within the hall.

Person means an individual, corporation, organization, association or partnership.

Registrar means the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming.

Win means gross proceeds from the licensed Charitable Gaming Event after deducting the value of prizes awarded and the amount prescribed by the Registrar as a provincial fee.

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