5.1    Not applicable to lottery sector.

5.2    Only authorized individuals shall be permitted access to sensitive areas.

Lottery-Specific Requirements – At a minimum, Operators and gaming-related suppliers shall:

  1. Identify sensitive areas, including areas containing sensitive inventories.
  2. Restrict access to sensitive areas based on business function and process requirements. 

Guidance: Each site is unique and should define its sensitive areas as it deems appropriate. The Registrar, however, retains the authority to direct an Operator or gaming-related supplier to adopt a certain form of access authorization for a certain area or equipment, as deemed necessary.

5.3    Not applicable to lottery sector.

5.4    Not applicable to lottery sector.

5.5    Not applicable to lottery sector.

5.6    There shall be site emergency procedures to protect the public from personal harm and limit the damage to or loss of gaming-related assets.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Employees or persons retained by the Operator shall be competent in implementing site emergency procedures. 
  2. Emergencies shall be reported in accordance with the established notification matrix. 

5.7    Security and surveillance shall be in place to protect gaming-related assets.

Lottery-Specific Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Surveillance plans must include activities that address camera coverage and control systems. 
  2. Any interruption of monitoring activities shall be immediately reported in accordance with the established notification matrix.
  3. Continuous independent monitoring must be provided as specified by the Registrar. 
  4. video/digital recordings shall be made and retained for a minimum period as specified by the Registrar.
  5. Destruction of sensitive inventories, whether performed on the premises or at another site, shall be supervised and independently verified. 

5.8    There shall be timely and accurate maintenance of gaming-related financial transactions, accounting information and data. 

5.9    Not applicable to lottery sector.

5.10   There shall be a mechanism in place to track instant game tickets.

Guidance: The intent of this Standard is to ensure the tracking of instant game tickets from the point of printing to the point of activation, and when tickets are validated or returned to the OLG.

5.11   Sellers shall ensure that access to gaming supplies and sensitive inventories is appropriately controlled.

5.12   The Seller shall immediately take action to prevent, whether by remote disablement or other means, suspected tampering or similar misuse of a self-serve terminal.

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